McDaniel Homes, LLC.

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Our Mission

It is the vision of McDaniel Homes to remain a leader and innovator in mental health care by

continually expanding personal, professional, and geographic horizons.

Our programs have the following core values:

  1. The program welcomes new ideas and technologies.
  2. The program provides services that are consistent with best practical standards.
  3. The program strives to be well known and respected in the field of mental health services.
  4. The program develops mutual support and teamwork with persons served, their support systems and stakeholders.
  5. The program balances and maximizes the outcomes of persons served with fiscal responsibility.
  6. The program develops and delivers services that are accountable to persons served.
  7. The program remains flexible and adaptable to market changes.
  8. The program treats everyone with fairness, respect and responsiveness.
  9. The program hires a divers staff with a broad range of skill, experience, and knowledge.
  10. The program creates and maintains a positive environment for served and staff.
  11. Uphold the rights of person's served to self-determination in all aspects of their lives.
  12. Creates a work environment where we never lose sight of heart, warmth and sense of humor.

Our Vision

The mission of McDaniel Homes is to provide quality, accessible and individually tailored services to individuals with severe and persistent mental illness that promotes health, well being, self determination and recovery.  Programs hold the belief that persons with mental illness and co-occurring disorders can freely choose how to live their lives, with the team providing assistance if the person so chooses.